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Summary:- Ssite. Major interests covered are Doctor (Dr) Who and the White Star Line.  Autograph books from the RMS Majestic and Royal Hippodrome Theatre Belfast with historical information.  The official website for tower of Lebanon Masonic Lodge 169 Belfast. Finally the story of Rory our Irish Red Setter.

family ME and FAMILY:- The Leach family live in Lisburn Northern Ireland. Our interests are varied and many have their own section -- see the links below. Lisburn is situated some 8 miles from Belfast and we have lived here since 1990. Kim was born in 1987 and Marc in 1990 I mustn't leave out the pet Red Setter Rory but he has a section to himself!!
Link to Doctor Who section Dr WHO:- A great favourite is the BBC TV series Doctor Who. The time traveller in the Police Box. In the Dr Who section you will find things of interest to Northern Ireland especially the few Conventions held here. There is also a selection of my best Dr Who autograph s including a couple that you may not immediately recognise as relevant.
Link to Masonic Tower of Lebanon 169:- I have been a Freemason since 1987 when I joined Abbey Masonic Lodge 180. I later transferred to 169. This is the official Lodge website.
Link to Hippodrome autographs ROYAL HIPPODROME THEATRE BELFAST:- The old theatre now sadly demolished. Here is an autograph book once owned by "Jack" it is rich with signatures, drawings and photographs from the then stars of stage and Music hall. It dates around 1920-35 era.
Link to RMS Majestic THE WHITE STAR LINE:- Not another Titanic site. I was given an old autograph book once belonging to Commander Peter Vaughan of the White Star Line RMS Majestic/Britannic. It dates around 1920-35 era. All pages have been scanned and displayed. There is also a short description of the person signing the autograph with a link to more detailed information if available.
Have added a section about the history of RMS Majestic herself.
Link to Jordanstown Revisited JORDANSTOWN SCHOOLS:- My old schooldedicated to serving those with visual and auditory impairments in Northern Ireland. This site reflects the school and those who helped make it what it is today.

go to links page LINKS This page contains a stepping stone to further reading. The page became hard to work as I added Webrings and other links to all sorts of sites. There are rings related to Dr who, Freemason s, autograph collecting and various White Star Line sites. Also there is a selection of my personal favourites. I am always happy to add other sites to my links pages.
The Rory Story link RORY STORY:- Here by popular demand from his many fans through out the .Net is the true story of our Irish Setter dog Rory. I was asked so many questions by Irish Setter fans that I compiled his life story. From humble beginnings to the terror he now is. Who won't be moved at this tail of a dog??!!
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I regret that the Cracking Good Site award has been stopped for the time being.

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