Ticket to Banapticon in Bangor

Northern Ireland's first Doctor Who Convention was arranged by the Northern Ireland Doctor Who  Society also known as TYPE 40.

Society Chairman Colin Dowling has done a marvelous job in enticing DEBORAH  WATLING  and  SYLVESTER NcCOY to attend this monumental occasion.

Based as the ticket states in the popular seaside resort of Bangor the setting was almost perfect.  The actual event was held in the hotel's nightclub which having a surrounding balcony was ideal for viewing and kept the dealers away from the action while ensuring everyone missed very little.

The stage was adorned with K9, the RED  DALEK (pictured with my daughter KIM left) and various pieces of Doctor Who memorabelia including Tom Bakers scarf.  Also a large screen was utilised showing various clips from relevant Dr Who  stories.

Deborah Watling with Kim and Marc at the show Kim and Marc with Sylvester McCoy

Deborah Watling was the first guest to take to the stage and enjoyed some banter with the crowd who very quickly settled to the question and answer session demanded..

Most questions were quick to bring interesting snippets from the making of Doctor Who stories and backstage chit-chat.

She even admitted that if there was a decision on a sex change for the good Doctor she was ready and willing to take on the part!!

There followed a break for lunch and a breather for the stage hands while the audience took pictures of the Dalek and K9 and viewed the dealers wares.

The Seventh and final television regeneration in the form of Sylvester McCoy took to the stage after the break and yet again the audience loved every minute of the event.

It would appear -- my personal favourite --  SOPHIE  ALDRED  has a large following as there were plenty of questions relating to her and her non-appearance in the film.  Also the occasion when Sylvester saved her from certain injury during a scene in a tank of water.

Kim with Friend

My  thanks to Elizabeth Dowdy for the beautiful globe


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