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signed photo of Jean Andrews Signed Billy Bennett Photo Billy Bennett

(left) Jean Andrews 1925

(Center and right) Kindest Regards BILLY  BENNETT.  Belfast Hippodrome March 1925"
Started his theatrical career in Ireland after his demob from World War 1 in approx. 1919.
As a "local" made frequent welcome appearances in Belfast.

Dan Bros and Sheri
Dan Bros and Sheri
(left) signed page Every good wish from DAN BROS. & SHER Hippo Belfast
(right) Signed photograph of  DAN BROS. & SHER
Sincerely RIGOLETTO  BROS. Photo  left
Chris Silvester

Billy Rutherford
(left) At last I am first I always was behind - before CHRIS SILVESTER Scandals 1925

(right) Signed photograph Kindest Regards BILLY RUTHERFORD Melody Box 1925
Chas windsor

(left) My very best wishes CHAS WINDSOR Musical Revels March 16th '25 Don't loose this one

(right) Yours Sincerely WILKIE BARD " ----- To one of my heavy punters

Ike Freedman

Picture of  IKE FREEDMAN Hippodrome Belfast
Good luck written in margin