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Issy Smith VC photo

Issy Smith VC

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Issy Smith VC photo

A/Corporal (later Sgt.) ISSY  SMITH  V.C.
Cpl. I. Smith; (1890-1940); 1st Bn.  The Manchester Regiment, British Army
VC action; 26th April 1916, St.Julien, Belgium [Age 28] WW1

Date and place of birth; 16th September 1890, Alexandria, Egypt
Issy Smith was of British Nationality though with Russian parents
1925 the Smith family with daughter Oliver moved to Melbourne Australia where he lived the rest of his life.
Date and place of death; 10th September 1940, Melbourne, Australia.

Buried: Fawkner Cemetery,  New Melbourne.

CITATION: (The London Gazette, 23rd August 1915)

"On 26 April 1915 at St. Julien, Belgium, Corporal Smith left his company on his own initiative and went forward towards the enemy's position to help a severely wounded man, whom he carried a distance of 250 yards into safety.  When casualties were very heavy later in the day Corporal Smith again displayed great gallantry in helping to bring in more wounded men and attending them, regardless of personal risk."

Issy Smith migrated to Australia in 1912 and was living in Melbourne when he was recalled for war service with the Manchester Regiment on 8 August 1914. Married Elsie Porteous Collingwood McKechnie, a tailoress of London and Melbourne on 8 February 1919.

Many thanks to Roger Hebblethwaite and Ronald Saunders for the above information


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