Very old photograph of the Royal Hippodrome Belfast and surropunding area

The above photograph shows an area of Great Victoria Street containing the Theatre etc.
L--R Great Northern Railway .. Grand Opera House  Belfast .. Royal Hippodrome Theatre

Greetings and welcome to this autograph book.

It originates from the Royal Hippodrome Theatre Great Victoria Street  Belfast and dates circa 1925-35.  The building went through the stages of being a cinema and Bingo hall prior to demolition and is currently  used as a car park for the City Centre.

I purchased the book from a small Belfast shop where the owner readily admitted to knowing nothing about autographs.  It appealed to my sense of local history and basically I had to have it. Advertised as containing Charlie Chaplin it was very apparent that that page was not authentic however the quality of other entries like Sir Harry Lauder it is an excellent document of the Theatre and the era.

I assume the book belonged to an employee of the theatre as the entries are extremely good ranging from simple signatures to line drawings and signed photographs. I imagine "Stage Door Johnny" would simply warrant a dedicated signature or a hand out of some type.

Only one of the entries is dedicated "to Jack". I have no idea who Jack was or what he did if anyone can help I'd be very thankful.

Research for the entries meant spending a few days in Belfast Central Library pouring over the old editions of the "Belfast Telegraph" for adverts and reviews. The details will eventually be added to the pages but bear with me for a while.

Further information would be nice.  I must thank all those who have supplied leads or hard facts since this site first went "live".

Where a site already exists that directly relates to specific artists I have endeavored to establish a link to that page for further study by those interested in further information.

All the pages are scanned but the quality of the Internet does not do justice.   Please be aware that the images are freely available on request.  I will email a better quality scan ASAP upon request.  I can also provide a CD of the scanned contents of both this book and the RMS Majestic book.

Many thanks in advance and I hope you enjoy your visit.  Thanks also to the visitors who have signed the guestbook.

Above all ENJOY your visit