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85 Jordanstown Road
County Antrim
Northern Ireland
BT37 9RB

028 9086 3262
TEXTPHONE: 028 9086 3541

Principal --- Mrs Ann Magee

Jordanstown Revisited "Warts and All" has been set up primarily for ex-pupils.   Its aim is to keep the school memories alive as much as possible. It is not run by the School and to date Jordanstown has not responded to my requests for assistance. This site does not include information etc regarding the new building in Jordanstown. This allows a timeframe of up to 2011.

I am, Peter Leach, an ex-pupil (left in 1973) who has long had an interest in the history behind the school. Most of the initial information is my own recollections but hopefully as it gets known about more information will be forthcoming.

Colour photo of the front of the school dated 12/4/03

(above)Colour photograph dated 12 April 2003.
Note the security shutter now necessary.

Although the site is aimed at the Visually Impaired Department it now includes pupil and staff pages relating to the Deaf Departments.  This has been requested by some visitors and I am leaving the details up to you to supply.

Regarding the important area of Website Accessibility. I am new to this issue and will make mistakes!! Please bear with me and be aware that polite messages will have access issues dealt with as quickly as possible.

Please use the guestbook to record thoughts and contact information. All fields are optional for those who do not wish to have email addresses etc appearing.   All entries are moderated and will not appear if they include bad or offensive language etc so please use freely but responsibly.

There is also a Newsletter details and a simple form are at the bottom of each page, below the main menu. Fill in your name and email address and submit.  It is necessary to reply to the email you will receive from a company called Bravenet this is for security reasons. You will receive occasional information regarding anything Jordanstown.  Email addresses will not be passed to third parties. Any difficulties with the form please send name and email address to me and I will add you my self.  All mailings will be in text only format.

Privacy at all times will be honoured. Be aware though that in certain historical sections names will need to be used. Again I can only say that if there is an error I will correct it.  At your request I will publish email addresses but under NO circumstances will addresses etc be printed on site (guestbook excepted). Neither will information be sent to ANY third party without express permission.

Information regarding current pupils will NOT be published other than names and historical facts (again Guestbook entries excepted).

(above) Black and white photograph approx Summer 1963.
Shows pupils (back row left to right):
Seamus Rocks, Stephen Spiers, Charlie Doherty, Raymond Semple, James Duncan.
(front row left to right):
Mina McGregor, Susan Geddis, Audrey McClean, Mrs Wallace, Philip Black, Gilbert Burns, David McKee.

There is potential for fun and information if this site is used properly.

Colour photo around 1972.

(above) Colour photograph approx 1972.
Shows pupils Elaine wightman, Helen Graham, Elizabeth Loughrey
and Regina Murphy.
Staff members are Mrs Orr and Mrs Ramsey.