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Very touchy subject but it is I feel important and remember your thoughts are welcome use the email link or some have recorded their thoughts in the guestbook.

Jordanstown was always a potential hotspot for bullying. It was certainly rife in my days under all sorts of guises for all sorts of reasons. A lot of what was then regarded as "normal playground behaviour" is now regarded as the more serious topic of Bullying. There are a number of reasons why Jordanstown was risky listed below:

There are also more than one type of bullying


As I say a lot of the problems regarded as bullying were thought of as typical behaviour. Unfortunately this resulted often in the victim being told by staff to "get on with it and stop crying..".  All too often the case. I have witnessed and sometimes suffered the "gang" mentality where a number of pupils literally gang up on an individual and life becomes Hell for the poor victim. Often the problems were not spotted by staff.


Very serious and from what I hear this is virtually stopped.  In the early days some staff were allowed to punish but at times this went beyond the acceptable.

I have witnessed teachers smacking pupils until they call them "Sir".  I have also witnessed occasions where a pupil was smacked in the face by staff. One occasion the teacher was not in a position to see how close the girl was that was being hit.  Deplorable behaviour.  I can tell you that the staff involved in these events are no longer employed at the school.


Fortunately I can say that this has been a very rare event.  I recall one particular pupil whose behaviour to staff was unacceptable.

Unfortunately I have to report that having spoken to some "newer" pupils to the school there is little evidence that bullying has stopped.  I have had stories of pupil to pupil bullying that go unnoticed or not acted upon.

By law the school must have a "bullying policy" available to all.

Perhaps the severe cutback in pupil intake resulting in much smaller classes will eventually stamp out this horrible behaviour but it is rife in every school and is now and will be very difficult to stamp out. Unfortunately schools have to become aware that this is a problem everywhere!

Childline 0800 1111